Fire Department

Fire Station 47 is supported by volunteer members. Our community is very fortunate to have such a dedicated group of men and women who, so faithfully, give their time to serve those in need. They are the true heroes in our daily life. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Chief Craig Thompson at 515-208-0057.

Funding for the department is largely provided through property tax assessments from Polk and Jasper County, including Camp Township, Red Rock Township, a portion of Four Mile Township, and the City of Runnells.
Runnells Fire Department Emblem
Metro Waste Authority donates $0.05 per ton directly to the Fire Department for Fire and EMS protection. Reimbursement from the billing of private insurance companies, Medicare/Medicaid, and payments from individuals who were transported by ambulance provide additional funding. The fire department will also thankfully accept donations of any amount. Thank you to all of our many supporters!

Top Responders
  • Steve Green
  • Jack Merkle
  • Blair Phipps
  • Craig Thompson